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One ant is better than four elephants

– We are the trusted advisor for our clients!

Adrian & Partners is one of the few medium-sized audit firms who have chosen to go our own way and stand outside the big elephants. Despite our size, we are represented locally, nationally and internationally in various contexts. We also participate in the industry’s quality assurance work. Adrian & Partners cares about the development of a stable, long-term and ethical business environment both nationally and abroad. Our work with our clients aims to promote solutions that our customers can be proud of .We also strive to share our knowledge with others, such as through our agreement with Georgia in which we commit us to help in developing sound accounting and auditing standards . In our consulting work, we shall always be able to answer yes to …

  • Is it legal?
  • Does it feel right?
  • Is it OK if it hits the front page of the newspaper?


We are REDO!

In January 2007 the business run by Adrian & Parters was refined and REDO came into the world. The interest in our services has since then continuously grown at the same time as technique and skills has evolved. Today we work with one-an operations as well as small listed companies.

Creativity, flexibility , cooperation , passion and accuracy

We believe that values such as quality, on-going development and skills are so obvious in our industry and that they are a prerequisite for us to really be able to do our work according to the requirements of the law and the ethical rules of the auditor and accounting firm. Our core values are:

  • Creativity – create solutions, see possibilities
  • Flexibility – be awake of all rapid changes
  • Cooperation – we work together with our customers, each other and our suppliers
  • Passion – we think what we do is fun and value to have fun at work and together
  • Accuracy – we do not neglect, “right neat and on time” should be obvious, but it is not always


We just love figures!

We have a lot of fun at work – even though we work with papers and figures. We believe in all seriousness that a pleasant workplace encourages both personal and professional success – and a good laugh has never harmed. For an employee of Adrian & Partners it is natural to share and promote our core values. Employees at Adrian & Partners gets the opportunity to great responsibility and even if the work offers diverse tasks there are plenty of opportunities for specialization. In a changing world, development of skills is in focus for our employees, which requires a desire and hunger to constantly evolve. The possibilities are limitless for motivated and committed employees who also, like everyone at Adrian & Partners, are keen on that it should be fun in the workplace and in the profession in itself.

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